Medical problems are very important for us: Mastectomy – We have special bras with pockets and ordinary non-wired bras that we can put pockets in. We stock very soft post operation bra's to take into hospital to wear until all is healed.

Support Wear
We have a varied selection of support bras from the very modern to more classic wear. Everything from gentle support pants to brilliant, suck you in all-in-ones. High waist pants, even support thongs and waist nippers to provide that great hour glass figure. A lot of support wear is suggested by Chiropractors and physios so do come and see us to find out what's best for you.

Medical and Support
Bust reductions and enlargements - We can send you into hospital with a bra and help you when you come out.

- How about a little bit of support, we can alter pants so that they fit next to the skin. For many operations you may need strong support stockings, we sell all types of suspender belts.

Everyone has one breast larger than the other, but for some people the difference may be considerable. We are able to help with good fitting and a little help from some extra bits.
Specialist Services – Problems
It seems to me that when we women have a medical problem it's always around the underwear region. We will try and run through some of the problems that come our way.

Shoulder and back problems
- Usually bad posture that could be a large bust or small bust. Answer - We can make sure your bra is a good fit and a design to suit the size of the bust.

Sore skin under the bust - Badly fitting bras can rub on skin tissue resulting in sore skin. Answer - Much firmer fit required under the bust.

Mastectomy - Any bust operation needs special attention, we have to look 100% in a t-shirt. We have hundreds of bras suitable, not necessarily labelled mastectomy. We do not feel you should think yourself as a mastectomy lady. We can put pockets in anything.

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